What is STAR?


STAR is an NFC technology that we’ve embedded into some of our merchandise - in the shape of a star! STAR gives you the ability to make real life connections and experiences inside and outside of Sky. Each Star comes with a unique feature based on the design. We hope that each STAR can be an extension of Sky’s spirit.
  • Authenticity verification with STAR.
  • Each Star product will have unique features.
  • Connect your Sky Account by scanning STAR to the device.
  • Join the STAR in-game community once you own a STAR product.
  • Create in-game invitations for anyone who scans your STAR product.
  • Scan your STAR while playing SKY to activate fun social spells (see demo below).
  • More STAR feature surprises coming!
NOTICE: STAR is compatible with iPhone 7 or later iPhone models (iPhone 7 / 8 / X / XS / XR / 11 / 11 Pro / SE 2020). STAR is compatible with Android NFC enabled devices. STAR is currently not supporting iPad. "Guang Yu" China server support will be slower than the global Sky server support.